Change is good...

Wow…what an extraordinary year 2017 has been for me! In March, I retired from my 20-year job at 63 years old. I retired from driving 3 hours a day in Atlanta traffic. I retired from being an active member of a day-to-day workforce. And I found myself asking….Now what?

The one lesson I seem to be reminded of the most is that each unexpected event in your life is a blessing in disguise. I may not be happy in that moment but I soon realize I can choose to be ecstatic with the new changes in my life. In my last week of working I decided to take North Georgia Yoga Center’s Yoga Teacher Training taught by my awesome Yoga teacher, Mindy Searcey. (who you’ll hear more about and from later!) This started me on a big time journey of Yoga! 

I am Mindy’s oldest student teacher…and the stiffest. I can’t do a headstand and I can’t touch my toes without bending my knees. But I can tell you, firsthand, you don’t have to get in a pretzel pose to feel the benefits of Yoga for your mind, body and spirit. My husband and I travel often in our Airstream and long hours on the road cause stiff joints for both of us. To combat my stiff joints, I started practicing Yoga postures when we would stop and rest.

We love our Airstream and plan on traveling even more since my retirement so I asked Mindy about some postures I could do while traveling. We quickly found ourselves excited about the idea and thought we should share this information with everyone - pulling together a series of postures to help you feel better so you can have a more relaxing road/life trip. Because that’s how we are - We like to share!

 And that’s exactly what we’re here to do. Share! At Road Tripper Yoga we’ll be sharing our story as we use Yoga to enhance our road tripper life. You don’t have to leave your living room or, more likely, your kitchen to practice with us - we hang out more in our kitchen than anywhere else in the house! We all get stiff from remaining stationary at home or at our workstations and if you’re anything like me, on the road.

So let’s move, fellow travelers! Let’s spark a movement revolution like we had in the 70’s! Let’s explore our passion with the help of Road Tripper Yoga! I look forward to sharing with you. So much more to come.


Eat Well and Travel Often!

With Gratitude,


Martha in Hastasana:) in front of the 31 ' Airstream

Martha in Hastasana:) in front of the 31 ' Airstream