Thank you to my car....

My clean, road ready ride!

My clean, road ready ride!

Dear car, 
Thank you for my Yoga practice. 

To tell you the truth I’ve procrastinated about cleaning my car for several
months. Yes, I said months. On the few sunny days we’ve had lately I did drive
by the carwash. The place was so crowded I thought they were giving away
something for free! I drove on because I didn’t have time to wait. (I didn’t
have time to wait for someone else to wash my car - what’s going on with us that
we’re so over scheduled we can’t maintain the lives we’ve tried so hard to
create? More thoughts on this later) 

I realized I haven’t washed my own car in several years. I would always take it
to be washed where, even if the car wash is busy and it takes over an hour (which
it usually does), I sit and wait because I think this is saving me time. Is it

So finally, today, I washed my car inside and out. I did it myself. And before I
knew it, I found myself in a Yoga practice. I was finding yoga posture after
yoga posture to get my car clean (My car was really dirty). I was able to do the
following postures washing my car:

forward fold (many), triangle, standing
straddle, foot hand forward fold, chair, half-moon balance, pigeon, table top, 
reclining spiral twist, leg lift, cobra

and I even found some positions I’m
pretty sure have no names. I thanked my car and felt appreciation while I was
washing it. I think it sounds a little materialistic but I do love my car. I
think it’s an achievement to be able to make such a large purchase. This car
cost more than my first house! Plus, it gets me where I want and need to go.

I felt so at peace to have a clean car. I even enjoyed how tired I was from
doing the work myself. I realized gratitude for my car. Which made me think what
other things in my life might I be taking for granted? I know I might get in my
car, push the button and away I’ll go without one thought of appreciation for
the roads I drive on. Or it’s easy to crawl into my warm bed after having a
satisfying meal without appreciation for what I have and the place where I am
right then.

My yoga practice has helped me with this. My goal each day is to
remember to breathe and pay attention. Mindfully engage in the moment with
whomever and whatever I’m doing at the time. The next time you do yard work, 
cook for your family and friends, take care of your pets, give your child a bath or even wash your own car, appreciate and have gratitude for the moment. And do it with  joy in your heart! Send out good vibes and good vibes will come back to you! 
It’s a wonderful life. 

Eat well and travel often! 
With Gratitude, Martha