Let me introduce myself...

My name is Mindy and I have a passion for Yoga. Not just the physical stuff but ALL of it. I have used Yoga in my life to get thru divorce, anxiety, depression, grief, and so much more. Thru the practice of Yoga my life has changed. I started my journey early at the age of 19 and that is when I met Martha. She and I have lots in common despite age differences, upbringing and all those other societal norms. One of the things we have in common besides Yoga is we love to travel, we love good food and wine and we love to laugh.

Martha and her husband, Gary have been friends for a long time and I am honored to consider them my family. When Martha started talking about Yoga on the road this idea came to me of creating a book for anyone and everyone that loves to travel but wants to stay limber in body and spirit. If you can remember that flexibility is a state of mind then I can promise you that you will benefit from the many things we are going to be offering here at Road Tripper Yoga. Besides, you know it’s going to be good because you got something founded on three people with a like mind working together to benefit humanity. Doesn’t that sound like something worth checking out?

I am looking forward to all the things that we are going to share with you. Stay tuned and share our blog, website, and join us on Facebook and Instagram. We are here to help you feel good mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I promise it’s not that hard and you will feel better. Join our mailing list to be in the know for when we publish our first book and to learn some great tips about how to live your best life on the open road. Besides, movement is life so let’s keep on rolling!

Peace In, Peace Out


Mindy in Headstand photo by Michael Cottrell

Mindy in Headstand photo by Michael Cottrell